Few IoT platforms can match the comprehensive capabilities…truly sets itself apart as a powerful platform ideal for IoT

Easily monitor your IoT cloud…

…with CST’s custom dashboard

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Case Study: Enabling Comprehensive Data Monitoring for Solar Farms Nationwide

Enabling Comprehensive Data Monitoring for Solar Farms Nationwide

Case Study: Going Green and Saving Money

Significantly Reducing A/C Energy Costs

“We looked at other IoT platforms and the licence costs became equal to the device cost”

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Royalty-free open-source libraries for embedded, iOS, Android, gateway, devices and other clients.

A whole new level of analytics and business intelligence.
Every device interaction captured, analyzed, and leveraged.

CST Dashboard Screenshot
  • Built-in, granular, enterprise-grade security
  • Run anywhere – Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, SoftLayer, etc.
  • Scale to millions of devices

CST services may be written in any programming language and are designed to work in your own data-center or with any cloud provider including Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and IBM SoftLayer.

Product teams add application-specific services to those provided by the CST to build complete cloud solutions to meet their IoT products’ needs. The CST exposes the same functionality to these application-specific services as it makes available for its own suite of services, so that additional services can interoperate seamlessly.

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