Version 1.3 of the CST IoT Service (cst-iot-service) has been released and is available for download here.

This major version of the CST IoT Service is focused on performance and reliability. The most noteworthy features include the following:

  • Redis support – Redis ( is many times faster than MySQL or Cassandra and perfect for the IoT Service.
  • Smarter operation routing and processing – Many improvements have been made to operation processing that allow for faster processing time and a much higher throughput.
  • Direct TLS Support – The IoT Service is built upon the secure protocol OpenDOF ( It does not require TLS to be secure, but is sometimes advantageous to support it.

This release introduces the following features:

  • [IOT-101] ( Handle responses directly on endpoint.
  • [IOT-102] ( Only store lifecycle operations in operation storage.
  • [IOT-104] ( Handle duplicate detection on endpoints ASAP.
  • [IOT-117] ( Batch processing for endpoint down.
  • [IOT-118] ( Add configurable max connections.
  • [IOT-120] ( Add isProvider flag to connection storage.
  • [IOT-121] ( Expiration on connections in storage.
  • [IOT-124] ( Queue retries for critical messages.
  • [IOT-132] ( Add TLS support directly on server.
  • [IOT-133] ( Add identity service protection to extensions.
  • [IOT-134] ( Redis support for transient storage.
  • [IOT-140] ( Allow IAm AWS credentials from EC2 when using SQS.

This release fixes the following issues:

  • [IOT-1] ( Retry processing response when command is missing.
  • [IOT-106] ( Invalid key returns “access denied” instead of “resolution failed.”
  • [IOT-107] ( Session expiration warned but not always enforced.
  • [IOT-125] ( Scale-in of worker may lead to dropped critical messages.
  • [IOT-137] ( SID should be changed for directed commands.
  • [IOT-163] ( Invoke response uses get opcode.
  • [IOT-164] ( Operation with implicit SID on secure session dropped.
  • [IOT-165] ( Missing bucket config param in
  • [IOT-171] ( Dead endpoint/worker after failover.

Account required to download. Request one here.