CST File Upload Service

The CST File Upload service allows you to upload data to the cloud in a way that is easy, flexible, and scalable.


  • SecurityThe CST File Upload service provides a secure connection to the cloud.
  • Unlimited scale. The CST File Upload service automatically scales to support any size deployment.
  • High availability, redundancy, and failover. All CST services provide built-in automatic redundancy and failover to support highly available enterprise-grade solutions.
  • Auditing. Every request through the service can be audited. A simple Java plugin is all you need to add custom audit functionality to your application.
  • Flexible deployment. All CST services can be deployed on any cloud provider (AWS, Azure, SoftLayer, etc.) or in your own on-premise datacenter.
  • Easy to get started. Because of its simple yet flexible configuration design, the CST File Upload service can run right out of the box.