Cloud Service Toolkit Whitepaper

The Cloud Service Toolkit (CST) is an OpenDOF compatible (see cloud service. The dof-oas, is designed to provide massive scalability for the Internet of Things (IoT). It provides connectivity, authentication, access control and routing services for connected devices. All communication is secured using AES-256 encryption.

We conducted a test by connecting half a million virtual IoT devices over a 2 hour period to a cloud system running a dof-oas cluster on Amazon AWS. More than 25 million secure GET operations (a GET operation retrieves a data value from another device; for example, obtaining a temperature value from a sensor) were processed and routed between devices with zero failures and an average total end-to-end operation processing time of 1,268 milliseconds, inclusive of network latency for both command and response. Once connected, each virtual device performed a GET operation every minute.

The test system ran on 16 m3.large AWS EC2 instances: 6 for Apache Cassandra and 10 for the dof-oas service.

We believe the test shows that the system scales well and (very likely) scales linearly. We are confident the system will scale to millions, or tens of millions of devices without modification…

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