CST Identity Service

The Cloud Service Toolkit (CST) Identity Service is a massively scalable web service that provides authentication and authorization to other services, sites, and applications. It is an Identity Provider built upon the well-established standards of OAuth 2.0 and REST with JSON and has no upper-limit on scale. With its simple and straightforward design it gives application developers an easy, verifiable, and secure way to identify a user.


  • Authentication. Authenticate and authorize users for other services, sites, and applications
  • Secure user management. REST APIs support secure user management.
  • Single source of truth. Device and user permissions are fully integrated with the Device Management Service for a highly secure end-to-end solution.
  • Single sign-on. Applications can leverage single sign-on for user convenience.
  • Unlimited scale. The CST Identity Service automatically clusters to support any size deployment around the globe.
  • High availability, redundancy & failover. All CST services provide built-in, automatic redundancy and failover to support highly available enterprise-grade solutions.
  • Multitenancy. A single deployment of the service can support all of your customers.
  • Auditing. Every request through the service may be audited. Write a simple Java plugin to add custom audit capability to meet your application needs.
  • Flexible deployment. All CST services may be deployed on any cloud provider (AWS, Azure, SoftLayer, etc.) or in your own on-premise datacenter.
  • Microservice architecture. All CST services use a microservice architecture – use CST services and bring your own.
  • Easy to get started. Simple but flexible configuration and 5-minute download-to-run time.
  • Monitoring. All CST services are easily monitored through the CST dashboard or other IT tools.

Identity Service REST API Documentation

Download the Identity Service white paper now