We are pleased to announce the release of the Cloud Service Toolkit (CST) IoT Gateway. The CST IoT Gateway runs on premise and enables your IoT devices to maintain local connectivity and routing even when your Internet connection is down. In addition, the CST IoT Gateway, connected to the CST IoT Service, allows you to consolidate cloud connectivity for all of your local devices.

“The CST IoT Gateway is a run out-of-the-box component that works with the CST’s IoT cloud components to provide seamless and reliable on premise IoT functionality,” says Mark Nelson, Director of Engineering at Panasonic Software & Analytics Solutions (PSAS). “Multiple gateways automatically work together so there are no restrictions on network topology or the number of IoT devices that can be connected. Additionally, since the gateway consolidates cloud connections and only routes messages to the cloud when necessary, the load on cloud servers is reduced and costs are kept to a minimum.”

Other features of the CST IoT Gateway include the following:

  • Secure connectivity and routing onsite. Devices connected to the CST IoT Gateway communicate securely as peers on a peer-to-peer IoT network with other local devices and services—even when the Internet connection goes down, adding robustness to IoT deployments not available with many IoT cloud systems.
  • Cloud connectivity and routing. Once connected to the cloud with the CST IoT Service, the CST IoT Gateway routes messages from remote apps and services to local devices. The CST IoT Gateway uses smart IoT protocols to control the traffic sent to the cloud, sending only messages when necessary, thereby reducing the load on cloud servers and saving Internet bandwidth.
  • The CST IoT Gateway is available at no additional fee to all CST licensees (when run locally).