CST IoT Service Extension SDK

The Cloud Service Toolkit (CST) IoT Service Extension SDK gives developers an easy way to do real-time, custom processing of device data. With the SDK, you can ensure that device data is routed to the appropriate IoT Service Extension for handling. As a result, this custom data processing can apply equally well to real-time analytics, device monitoring and alerting, or simply storing the data to a database.


  • Unlimited scale. The IoT Service Extension SDK automatically clusters to support millions of devices in the field.
  • High availability, redundancy & failover. All CST services provide built-in, automatic redundancy and failover to support highly available enterprise-grade solutions.
  • Multitenancy. A single deployment of the IoT Service Extension SDK can support all of your customers.
  • Flexible deployment.The IoT Service Extension SDK may be deployed on any cloud provider (AWS, Azure, SoftLayer, etc.) or in your own on-premise datacenter.
  • TCP & UDP support. The CST IoT Service accepts both TCP and UDP connections from devices and gateways.
  • Microservice architecture. All CST services use a microservice architecture, allowing you to combine CST services with your own.
  • Easy to use interface. Developers only need to write small code snippets to handle each type of device.

Hello World Example

public CompletableFuture<Value> get(DomainID domain, ObjectID oid, InterfaceID iid, int itemID) {
CompletableFuture<Value> future = new CompletableFuture<>();

if (itemID == HelloWorldInterface.PHRASE_ITEM_ID) {
future.complete(new StringValue("Hello, world!"));

return future;