CST IoT Service

The CST IoT Service is a massively scalable IoT cloud service. It is the primary service for supporting secure connections from IoT devices or gateways to the cloud.


  • Unlimited scale. The CST IoT Service automatically clusters to support any number of devices and gateways around the globe.
  • High availability, redundancy & failover. All CST services provide built-in, automatic redundancy and failover to support highly available enterprise-grade solutions.
  • Multitenancy. A single deployment of the CST IoT Service can support all of your customers.
  • Enterprise-grade security. The CST IoT Service uses a plugin architecture supporting a variety of encryption methods to provide strong security and compatibility with China’s requirements where necessary.
  • Global routing. IoT traffic is securely routed around the globe using smart protocols that send data only where it needs to go.
  • Auditing. All traffic through the CST IoT Service can be audited. Every device interaction captured. Write a simple Java plugin to add custom audit capability to meet your application needs.
  • Flexible deployment. The CST IoT Service may be deployed on any cloud provider (AWS, Azure, SoftLayer, etc.) or in your own on-premise datacenter.
  • TCP & UDP support. The CST IoT Service accepts both TCP and UDP connections from devices and gateways.
  • Microservice architecture. All CST services use a microservice architecture – use CST services and bring your own.
  • Easy to get started. Simple but flexible configuration and 5-minute download-to-run time.
  • Monitoring. All CST services are easily monitored through the CST dashboard or other IT tools.
  • Custom data processing for devices. The IoT Service, coupled with the IoT Service Extension SDK, allows you to create custom data processing for your devices that is scalable, device-specific, and operates in real time.