In preparation for general release of cst-dof-oas version 1.0 shortly, we conducted scale testing of cst-dof-oas backed by an Amazon AWS Aurora MySQL database.

We tested 500,000 (half a million) simultaneously connected devices each communicating with a paired device every 2 minutes (command/response messages).

– CST cluster configuration: 10 m3-large OAS instances, 1 db.r3.2xlarge Aurora database
– Total test runtime: 11 hours
– Over 99.99% connection success rate
– Over 99.98% operation (command/response) success rate for more than 50 million operations
– Average operation time (command/response) of 1.6 seconds, inclusive of network latency (this is the same average operation time as our earlier tests with a Cassandra backed cluster)

With wide industry support and simple setup and management, MySQL will be a great option for many IoT projects.